This library extends the Google Maps API's standard GMarker class with the ability to support markers with textual labels. Please see articles here:

For a description and examples of how to use this library, check out the how-to.

class LabeledMarker


Constructor Description
LabeledMarker(latlng:GLatLng, opt_opts?:LabeledMarkerOptions) Creates a marker with options specified in LabeledMarkerOptions (extension of GMarkerOptions). Creates a div for the label and then calls the GMarker constructor.


Methods Return Value Description
getLabelVisibility() Boolean Returns whether label visibility is set on.
setLabelText(text:String) None Sets label text/html for the marker.
setLabelVisibility(visibility:Boolean) None Sets the visibility of the label, which will be respected during show/hides. If marker is visible when set, it will show or hide label appropriately.

class LabeledMarkerOptions

This class extends GMarkerOptions. Instances of this class are used in the opt_opts argument to the constructor of the LabeledMarker class. At this time the draggable property is not supported and is forced to be false. There is no constructor for this class. Instead, this class is instantiated as a javascript object literal.


Properties Type Description
labelClass String CSS class to use for the overlay div (default "LabeledMarker_markerLabel").
labelOffset GSize Label offset, the x- and y-distance between the marker's latlng and the upper-left corner of the text div (default (0,0)).
labelText String Label text/html to place in the overlay div (defaults to empty string).